Delivery/Pick Up Information

Pick up 

If you chose to pick up your cake in person, Sonya's Sweet Treats WILL NOT be responsible for damage to any cake once it is picked up, so please make sure you plan ahead as to how you intend to transport it.

If you chose to pick up your cake by any other drivers on behalf of yourself, it is at your own risk, Sonya's Sweet Treats WILL NOT be responsible to pass the cake to the driver outside our studio and WILL NOT be responsible for any damage caused to your cake once it has left our studio.

Since every cake is a different size and shape, we do not typically have a sealed box to put it in. Make sure you have a clear, flat spot in your vehicle for transportation, ideally using a non-slip mat. We DO NOT recommend placing it on a car seat.


Sonya's Sweet Treats is not responsible for damage once the item has been handed over to the customer or venue location